Our goal is the provide an excellent dental service to our community and visitors from around the world in a professional, enjoyable, and friendly environment. We use the latest and most innovative technology available today.

We work with other healthcare providers and specialists, and we want both our patients and our referring doctors to be happy with our service. For this reason we provide them with immediate digital transmission of information.

Appointments are usually available the same day if necessary. If you want to make an appointment, please call us.

We have a genuine concern for our patients and an excellent professional team with over 60 years of combined experience that will provide you with the best quality care and technology available today.

We also provide you with all the paperwork and medical reports to continue with any additional dental treatment needed for your Insurance Company reimbursement.

We have an excellent team of experienced dental office managers, dental assistants, and oral hygienists.

We speak English and Spanish, and work with all cultures.

We provide all types of General Dentistry procedures. These include:

Emergencies: Tooth ache, Swollen face, Infection, Abscess, Loose tooth, Bleeding gums, Bad breath, Injury, Broken tooth, Broken denture, Crown came off, Filling came off

Preventive: Diagnosis, treatment plan, cleaning, X-Rays, Cancer screening test, Sports night guards

Prosthodontics: Restorative, fillings (Resin or Amalgam), crowns, Full and Partial Dentures, Reline, Repairs, Etc.

Cosmetic: Tooth Whitening (Zoom!), Bonding, Veneers, Smile Design

Endodontics: Root canals, Pulpotomy

Periodontics: Gum Disease, Bruxism night guards

Oral Surgery: Extractions, Gingivoplasty, Drainage of Abscess, Cancer screening test

If you have any dental emergency, do not hesitate to call us and we will be more than happy to help you.